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All pricing contained within your personalized “sQuote,” referred to broadly after this simply as “quote” or “the quote,” is considered to be an approximation only and is not a binding contract. Solar pricing is affected by global markets, materials expenses, your location/accessibility and current solar demand, and as such, pricing may change without prior notice. Your final quotation, valid for 30 days upon delivery, will be calculated after a thorough site visit and consultation is conducted.
Warranty(ies) is/are provided by the manufacturer(s), and may not be applicable to all product or brands. 25-year power output warranty offered on Canadian Solar brand panels only. Extended warranty and maintenance services or packages may be available for an additional fee. Consult your local SolarCorp representative. Service pricing and availability may change without notice and may not be available in some regions or locations.
The savings estimation included with the quote is based upon an expected annual utility rate increase of 3%, for 24 years, and is considered to be an approximation only. Savings are not guaranteed.
SolarCorp, the SolarCorp logo, wordmark, “Green energy, powering a brighter tomorrow” slogan, and “Power your future” tagline are all trademarks or copyrighted by Faraday Energy Inc. and may not be reused, reprinted, or redistributed without prior written consent.
Your quote may contain information that is privileged, confidential, or exempt from disclosure under applicable law. Any distribution, copying, or disclosure is strictly prohibited. Please do not share your personal link with anyone.