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Introducing “sQuote”

Today, SolarCorp is proud to officially introduce sQuote our new, innovative solution to deliver accurate and completely customized system designs, quotes, and savings estimates to customers within just 24 hours and with no need for a site visit.
The new system takes advantage of advanced satellite imaging and solar design technology to help our team remotely measure and map out rooftops and helps to quickly engineer a solar system to meet any unique design requirements of the home, and to meet the energy needs.

It’s important to note that sQuote is not an automated system and a real solar expert still ensures that solar meets the requirements of the homeowner before delivering a quote, or savings estimate.
The new system will allow SolarCorp, a division of Faraday Energy Inc., to reach out to prospective buyers who were not serious enough to go through a full site visit and consultation process before, while streamlining the quotation process for our Certified Parnters and Franchisees.
The service is, of course, offered free of charge, and is currently available for residential homeowners in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia.