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Going Solar is So Easy!

Many across Canada who could truly benefit from clean and affordable solar power, whether it’s a sleek rooftop unit in the city or a large ground-mounted system on the farm, stay away from solar because of a common misconception that it is “hard” or “too expensive”.

Solar energy has made many advancements in recent years, which has made it a much more viable option for virtually every Canadian homeowner. Until several years ago the solar market was dominated by small operations, sometimes run as part-time hobbies, which carried with them some uncertainty about the quality of product and service, as well as the availability of service and support. With SolarCorp you can trust that you are receiving the absolute best service available and that you are receiving the absolute lowest pricing.  

SolarCorp handles absolutely everything. From your free no-obligation home energy audit and system design to all of the paper work, permits, and planning, even the installation is included in our affordable pricing.

Need financing? We can help with that too! SolarCorp has partnered with banks both on a national and regional level to provide streamlined financing options for our customers.

What are you waiting for, get your free no-obligation system design and quote today, and learn how an affordable new solar system can work for you and save you money.