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Going Solar: The Process

Going solar is virtually effortless for the homeowner, and much more affordable than you may expect. It all starts with a free quote and solar consultation which will eventually lead to a full system design and installation of your roof or ground-mount system.

Step 1 – Free Solar Consultation.

After requesting a quote, a local sales representative will schedule a free no-obligation consultation and energy audit that will ultimately be used to calculate your energy needs, design a customized solar system for your home or business and provide a truly accurate, efficient, and affordable quote.

At the beginning of your solar consultation, you are paired with a dedicated consultant who will be your point-of-contact throughout the rest of the process and be there to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have as you transition to solar.

Our team will collect energy usage data from your recent energy bills, we usually ask for three months. We will also take measurements of your usable rooftop space (roof-mount) or the available space in your desired area of install for ground-mounted systems. A few aerial photos are taken using advanced drone technology to assist us in system design.

Step 2 – Free Quotation.

Usually, within one week or less of your initial solar consultation, our team has designed a fully customized solar solution for your home or business and your dedicated consultant will then present the system design to you and discuss affordable financing options, that are usually less than what you pay on your current electricity bill.

Your dedicated consultant will also answer any question you have or address any concerns. If you would like any changes made to your design, you may request them and have our team re-engineer your customized solution free-of-charge.

Step 3 – Permits/Installation.

After you have approved your design and secured financing for your customized home or business solar solution, SolarCorp handles the rest.

We secure any permits and/or inspections that may be necessary, have your net meter installed by the local power company (where available) and work with you to schedule an installation date. Installation generally takes no more than one business day to complete, for residential roof-top systems. Farms and Acreages with large energy needs or commercial businesses may require more installation time.

Step 4 – Save Money.

After installation is complete you can start saving money every month, and cut-back on your carbon footprint. Solar has never been easier. Contact SolarCorp today for a free no-obligation solar quote and consultation, 1.888.765.3223 or 24/7 via email